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Our Story

A bridge to a new home


Our founder Aditya Mehta moved to beautiful Vancouver, Canada from Mumbai, India in April 2018. During his journey of getting settled into his new home, he observed that there were substantial numbers of skilled new immigrants coming and most of them had never lived abroad before. Many struggled with the culture shock, the social and professional norms, making new friends and learning about various aspects of life in Canada.


He felt that there was a huge opportunity to add value to the lives of these new immigrants by providing access to social and professional networks, enabling opportunities to meet others in a similar situation, creating structured resources to enable a faster learning curve about a new culture and finally, facilitating introductions to relevant and verified service providers to set up a new life in the most efficient manner.

All of these different kinds of support became even more critical as COVID-19 took over the world's attention and Aditya finally took the leap and started his fourth entrepreneurial venture.

That's how Diasporaa was born in February 2020!

Find out more about Aditya on his website.

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