Frequently Asked Questions

About Diasporaa

What is Diasporaa?

Diasporaa is a platform that provides skilled new immigrants in Canada access to social and professional networks, events, resources, and services.

Where is Diasporaa located?

We are located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

When was Diasporaa founded?

Diasporaa was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 situation, in February 2020.


Is my credit card data safe?

We use the Wix platform to manage our payments, which is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to manager their payments. Be rest assured, your personal information is in good hands.

How much do the events cost?

Some events are free, some are paid. You can view this information for each event on the respective description pages.

Is there a processing fee when paying for an event ticket with my credit card?

There is a processing fee that Wix charges, but we absorb the costs so you don't have to pay anything over and above the ticket price.

My Account

Do I have to have an account to sign up for events?

No, you do not. However, having an account means you can see your past and future RSVPed events in one place, and also save resources that you find useful.

Do I have to have an account to access resources?

No, you do not. However, having an account means you can save resources that you find useful. You can also see your past and future RSVPed events in your account.

What is the benefit of having an account on the website?

You can see upcoming events that you signed up for, past events that you attended, save resources that you like and be notified that there are new resources posted.


How much does a membership cost?

The membership is free at this time.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by joining any of our communities on Whatsapp or on Facebook. You can also create a profile on our website to become a member.


What are you doing for the COVID-19 situation?

First, we have stopped doing in-person events. Our entire calendar has been moved online. Second, we are spreading the word through our communities of people who need help, and are providing help. Third, many new immigrants are unable to arrive because of movement restrictions. Many have just arrived and can't get official documents or a job because of the situation. We are providing guidance and emotional support during these testing times.

Are you still doing in-person events?

No, all our events have been moved online.

When will you resume in-person events?

We will wait for a directive from respective governmental authorities that it is safe to do in-person events.


Does Diasporaa provide the services itself?

No, we have partnerships with various service providers. We verify them before listing on our platform to ensure that they do a good job and charge a fair price for their services.

Does Diasporaa make money when I use a service listed on the website?

Since most other things we do are free for the user, we do have referral agreements in place with many of the service providers on our website. We get paid when someone actually does business with the service provider. We ensure that the cost of the referral fee is not passed on to the customer, and that the customer pays exactly the same price (or sometimes, a better price) as compared to approaching the service provider directly.

Where are the service providers located?

Our service providers are located in Vancouver, Canada. Many of them are able to service clients nationwide, and in some cases, worldwide.

Does Diasporaa guarantee the services offered by the service providers?

While we cannot guarantee the experience that each user has with our service providers, Diasporaa does its best to ensure that the service providers listed on its website are ethical, affordable and reliable. If you have a bad experience with any of our service providers, please let us know and we will look changing our partner so that others don't have the same experience.

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