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Diasporaa is a platform that provides skilled new immigrants in Canada access to social and professional networks, events, resources,  and services.

The Diasporaa Platform

We operate several virtual communities in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON to help new immigrants build a

network quicker 

We host social and professional events - sometimes with a twist - online and in person to connect new immigrants to like-minded people

We provide access to content that's essential for anyone new in Canada, including our very own Diasporaa Podcast - which is pretty awesome!

We connect new immigrants to a panel of verified and affordable service providers that help them settle faster in their new home - 

The Story So Far







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try our newapp

Diasporaa is now on the Wix Spaces App. We are now more convenient, accessible, private and secure than ever!

Member Speak

"Diasporaa is a no-nonsense platform with engaging members, useful content and enjoyable events."

Rakesh George

Moved from Abu Dhabi

Reach Us

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