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The Diasporaa Platform

Our platform is designed to help skilled new immigrants get access to everything that they need to plan the move and get settled faster once they land in Canada. This is done primarily through four avenues - Community, Events, Resources and Services. Each one of explained in detail below.


The objective of creating communities is to enable skilled new immigrants to plug into a ready-made social and professional network. Painstaking efforts are taken to understand the demographics and interests of each of our communities to ensure high-quality introductions.

We have started creating communities based on origin, e.g Mumbai, Delhi - destination, e.g Vancouver, Toronto - immigration stage, e.g Moving to Vancouver - and interests e.g Outdoor activities, books, etc.. We currently operate 13 communities with a total of over 2,500 members.


While communities are primarily online and identity-based, events are primarily offline and interest-based. The events are tailored to bring those sub-sections of communities together that have common interests, be it social or professional. The event RSVP list is curated to ensure the best experience for all those who attend. 

We have done over 50 events so far, ranging from potlucks to bowling socials to recruiter AMAs to day trips around Vancouver. All events have been very wel attended.


Most new immigrants have no shortage of content to refer to. There are numerous blogs, YouTube channels and more that cove every aspect of the immigration journey. However, our research shows that the content is usually unstructured and not customized to the immigrant's particular journey. 

We aim to build a rich, structured resource library that cuts out the unnecessary information and is easy to understand. The first step in this direction is the Diasporaa Podcast.


When new immigrants land, a lot of time is taken up to understand what products and services to buy, and whom to buy them from. This could include an internet connection, renter's insurance or tax advice. Most immigrants rely on references but rarely get expert, unbiased advice on whom to rely on for a particular need. 

We are building a panel of verified, trusted, reliable and affordable service providers to help new immigrants hit the ground running.

Member Speak

"Diasporaa adds real value to the lives of new immigrants. Being new in a foreign land, it was a blessing to come across it."

Nirali Rajani

Moved from Ahmedabad

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