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Our new website is here!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

After having a 'Coming Soon' landing page up for a few days, it feels really good to finally have a real website up. This is what it looks like!

What does the new website have?

1. All our communities

Find a list of our communities. Get links to the Whatsapp and Facebook groups. Suggest a new community.

2. The Volunteer Community Manager program.

Help us run one of the communities. Expand your social and professional network. Make a positive difference to those around you.

3. An awesome events page

Browse through upcoming events. Register and get confirmation and reminder emails. Share events on your social media.

4. Our key metrics

On our home page - see how many members and communities we have, and how many events we have completed. Updated daily.

5. Access the Diasporaa Podcast

We are now on 8 different podcast platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music. Find all the links at the bottom of each page.

6. Chat with us

Log in to your Facebook account and chat with us through Facebook Messenger. On every page of the website.

7. FAQs

Anything you'd possibly want to know about Diasporaa. Updated daily.

What's coming next?

We plan to upgrade our Services section to list all our partners and enable you to contact them directly through the website. We are also continuously upgrading out Resources section to provide guidance and insights that help you assimilate faster before and after you land in Canada.

With this website, you can expect to see new developments almost everyday. Keep visiting us every now and then, and we will be back soon with another update.


The Diasporaa Team

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