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Kasa Kai Vancouver

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Kasa kai mandali? Please introduce yourself in the comments and don't forget to mention where you're from!

Aditya Vaidya
munezero felix
Abhijit Pradhan
Abhijit Pradhan
Jul 31, 2021

Hello Mandali, I am Abhijit Pradhan. Moved to Vancouver Sep 2019. CA from India and finished my Canadian CPA last year. Currently working in an accounting firm in Burnaby into Canadian taxation. Love hiking and exploring. Would be great to meet you guys.

Tushar Biware
Tushar Biware

Hello Everyone, anyone interested in watching India Vs Pak match at cineplex cinemas park Royal?

Tushar Biware
Tushar Biware

Namaskar Mandali,

I have moved to Vancouver just few weeks back from Halifax, heading the business for a leading HVAC firm for West Canada.

Originally from Mumbai / Dubai. Family will also be joining soon. Would love to connect with all of you and build a good network of friends and families.

If there any any events or meet up's planned or if anyone would love to catch up do let me know. I can be reached on 902 293 8922 or

Tushar Biware
Tushar Biware
9 days ago · joined the group.


Connecting Maharashtrians in the Lower Mainland for meetups ...


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