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Kasa Kai Vancouver

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Kasa kai mandali? Please introduce yourself in the comments and don't forget to mention where you're from!

Aditya Vaidya
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munezero felix
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Udayraj Mandke
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Khushbu Thakker
12 avril 2023 · joined the group.

Namaskar sarvanna!

Mi aahe Garima, I just moved to Vancouver from Germany with my German husband and 7 year old son Arun.

Looking forward to connecting with like-minded families and hoping to meet up in events and get-togethers.

Since we don't know people here, please let me know if anyone is interested for meet-ups or if any events are planned soon, thanks a lot!


Aditya Kulkarni

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Connecting Maharashtrians in the Lower Mainland for meetups ...
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